Dear George,

First off, let me start by saying that I am often wrong. It’s become sort of a meme among my fellow writers that I am an expert in predicting exactly what will not happen. The past 12 months have been especially bad for prognostications even by my standards (I very loudly declared that Super Bowl 51 was over at 28-3. Oops) but my calamitous year actually started with you.

Last offseason, after the Houston Astros brought in Brian McCann and Josh Reddick, my then editor asked me to write a simple recap about the acquisitions. Nothing complicated, just a boilerplate article about two vets brought into a young team that had missed the playoffs just a few months earlier. At this end, I threw in an offhand remark that the Astros could possibly hand your starting spot in the outfield to Josh Reddick, and it started an epic social media storm that peaked when your teammate Lance McCullers Jr read my article and called me an idiot on Twitter for the world to see. He was right, and so were the hundreds of Astros fans who tore me apart for weeks even as I grasped at straws for a justification for what I had written.

Since then, you’ve done nothing but continually prove me wrong. In your first plate appearance of the season you hit a leadoff home run that set the tone for a 100 win team that would go on to win their first World Series. You had an exceptional individual season hitting in the leadoff spot of that 103 win Houston Astros team, and just capped it off with one of the all time great World Series performances. As I watched you collect the Willie Mays award honoring the World Series MVP, I laughed because I realized that none of the flimsy excuses I came up with for handing Josh Reddick your job were true at all in the end. And while you celebrated a World Championship with your teammates, I started writing this letter of self reflection and remorse for ever doubting you.

So congratulations George Springer, and I hope at some point in your sure to be busy offseason you happen across this and can find it in your heart to forgive me. Oh and if you could tell McCullers about this, that would be great too.


A Fan

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