When Joe Maddon took the Chicago Cubs job leaving the Tampa Bay Rays he took his bench coach, Dave Martinez, with him. However, Jim Hickey who was the Rays pitching coach stayed and remained the pitching coach. When the Rays parted ways with Jim Hickey I didn’t take much to realize the Cubs could be calling. Jim Hickey is from Illinois which could have also helped him get the job.

The Chicago Cubs fired their pitching coach, Chris Bosio, which lead fans to believe that Jim Hickey would certainly be interviewing for the job. Jim Hickey and Maddon worked together for eight years. The duo had remarkable success as Hickey helped make pitchers like Chris Archer or David Price turn out to be great ones.

As far as the Rays go they promoted Kyle Snyder to be there pitching coach from the minor leagues. There’s even talk about the Chicago Cubs losing Bench coach Dave Martinez as he may become the next Washington Nationals manager.

As a Rays fan, it’s weird to see most of the Rays staff now in Chicago. However, I think it’s a great move even though former coach Chris Bosio was successful. I wasn’t shocked by the news but rather I expected it. The Rays probably won’t be in contention this coming season and the Cubs most likely will do a multi year makes sense. This could draw in a free agent like Alex Cobb since he had both as a coach or could this even further Chris Archer or maybe Jake Odorizzi deal or deals with the Rays to move him to Chicago.

photo credit: USA Today

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