Hello Cardinals fans, I’m back! I’m appreciative for the opportunity to join back with this talented team of writers here at the Six Man Rotation, and do my best to cover the greatest franchise in major league baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals. For my first post, I decided to take some Redbird related questions from my followers on Twitter, and answer the majority of them in a mailbag type piece, here on SMR.

From @HuskicEdin: What’s the next move for the Cardinals, or are they done?

I don’t believe the St. Louis front office is done. Will they make another headliner move? Maybe not, but there are still moves that need to be made. I think they still need some rotation help, and it’s been reported that they’re keeping an eye at least on Jake Arrieta. However, another reporter mentioned that an under the radar minor-league deal is more likely. Without rambling on and on, my take is the Cardinals aren’t done. I have faith that the front office will improve where they know improvements are needed.

From @TheOriginalMoss: Hearing anything as far as a signing happening soon?

I personally haven’t heard anything. I did see a well known reporter state a few days ago that while there are quite a few guys that still need to sign in the coming weeks or month, expectations aren’t that things will start happening real soon. It sounds like there will be a lot of last minute or quick deals this offseason, right before spring training.

From @Vanessa41349850: How come no one is talking about Jay Bruce playing for the Cardinals?

My number one guess is because he’s just another outfielder that the Cardinals do not really need. With Ozuna, Pham, and Fowler in the outfield right now, I’m not sure who I would want to remove for him to play.

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From @STLCards98: Out of these options, which one, or ones, do you think will most likely end up being new St. Louis Cardinals? Jake Arrieta, Addison Reed, Alex Colome, Eric Hosmer, Greg Holland.

At the moment, I think Addison Reed or Alex Colome have the best chance of being Cardinals next season. Because, the Cardinals need relief pitching, a closer, and in my mind, they would be cheaper than Greg Holland. Next on my list would be Jake Arrieta, because, St. Louis has been linked to him, and I still believe they have a need for starting pitching as well. I believe Greg Holland will/is out of their price range, along with Eric Hosmer.

From @lukejfosu: If no more moves are made, how confident are you that they can find a closer from within? What is your take on who will close?

My hope is that a move is made to acquire their 2018 closer, but if not, my guess is Luke Gregerson or possibly Sam Tuivailala. Gregerson because he has experience in that role, ¬†Tuivailala because he’s a power thrower and was one of the more reliable reliever in last years bullpen, in my opinion. With that being said, I still think their best option is externally.

From @rorochub2: Does Carson Kelly get traded this year? What is the Memphis rotation going to be? 

Will Kelly be traded? I do not believe so. Should he be? Probably so, in his best interest. I just don’t think it is right for a guy of his caliber to sit on the bench day in and day out, while he could be starting on a lot of teams. And with Molina, who most likely won’t be throwing in the towel any time soon, he probably won’t be getting the starting job for a few years. On the other question, I am no minor league professional, so I’ll do some searching and try to get back with you on that one.

From @FantasyAid1: Who would be your starting five in the rotation?

At this current point in time, my staring five is this:

  1. Carlos Martinez
  2. Adam Wainwright
  3. Michael Wacha
  4. Luke Weaver
  5. Miles Mikolas

It’ll probably change before opening day, but this is where mine stands right now. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an addition to this rotation before too long.

Thank you to all of you readers, as well as those who asked questions. Be on the look out for more of my work here on the Six Man Rotation. Until next time, Go Cardinals!

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