1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B, TOR | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 1 | Rhys’ Rank: 1

Connor’s take: I had Vlad > Acuna this preseason, so Vlad’s torrid start to the year obviously doesn’t change anything to me. Prodigious bat, and I think his early years will be spent at 3B.

Rhys’ take: Vlad has a chance to be 80 hit and 80 power and it doesn’t matter where he plays because his bat is special.

2. Ronald Acuna, OF, ATL | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 2 | Rhys’ Rank: 2

Connor’s take: I’ve heard some Soto > Acuna rumblings, but I’m still on the Acuna train. Better tools everywhere but the hit department

Rhys’ take: Acuna is a 5-tool talent with a chance for 60’s and 70’s across the board. For any other team he plays center field.

3. Victor Robles, OF, WAS | Age:21

Connor’s Rank: 3 | Rhys’ Rank: 3

Connor’s take: We do a “real life” list and not a fantasy baseball list here at SMR, which means defense is always taken into consideration, which is why I gave the nod to Robles here. I still think there’s plenty of upside with the bat as well, but the potential 70 glove in a crucial defensive spot was the kicker, something nothing the guys below him can say. That said, I think an argument could be made for any of these #3-7 prospects in really any order.

Rhys’ take: His 70 glove gives him a great starting point as far as tools go, but he pairs that with a 60 hit and 70 speed. His power is under sold as he has the ability to generate consistent hard contact and it’s hard not to envision him hitting above average in the power department when he is physically mature.

4. Fernando Tatis Jr., SS, SD | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 6 | Rhys’ Rank: 4

Connor’s take: Technically, all the guys #4-6 scored the same, so think of them as 4a, 4b, and 4c; we just listed them in the order they popped up. What Tatis Jr. is doing at AA as a teenager shouldn’t be overshadowed by Vlad.

Rhys’ take: I thought about Tatis as the third best prospect because of his ability to play shortstop and hit for big boy power.

5. Eloy Jimenez, OF, CHW | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 4 | Rhys’ Rank: 6

Connor’s take: I personally gave Eloy the nod over Soto, as I would probably prefer a 60 hit, 70 power bat over a 70 hit, 60 power one, but I’m splitting hairs. Highest power upside in the Minors by a mile.

Rhys’ take: He has the most raw power in the minors and plays an above average corner outfield. I ranked him behind Soto because Soto has the better hit tool.

6. Juan Soto, OF, WAS | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 5 | Rhys’ Rank: 5

Connor’s take: So many teenagers in this top 5. The future of baseball is bright. What Childish Bambino is doing in the Majors right now is incredible. Could be a 70 hit tool.

Rhys’ take: Better hit tool than Eloy.

7. Forrest Whitley, RHP, HOU | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 8 | Rhys’ Rank: 7

Connor’s take: 60 or better grades across the board. Maybe the only pitcher in the minors with a legitimate shot at being a true ace.

Rhys’ take: Whitley might be one of the few pitching prospects that we can envision becoming a legitimate ace. He pairs a long lean frame with a magnificent curveball, plus fastball, and a 60 changeup.

8. Nick Senzel, 3B, CIN | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 7 | Rhys’ Rank: 8

Connor’s take: Bad news last week about Senzel, who had a finger issue and would require season ending surgery. Not fun, but also doesn’t worry me in the slightest. He should get a shot to open up 2019 with the big league club.

Rhys’ take: The injury he sustained does not impact his long term outlook for the Reds top prospect. He still sits as a 65 hit 55 power, versatile player who can play all over the infield.   

9. Kyle Tucker, OF, HOU | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 9 | Rhys’ Rank: 9

Connor’s take: Look at this fuckin guy with no batting gloves who does he think he is

Rhys’ take: Kyle Tucker hits massive dongs without batting gloves and then steals bases just to add to his offensive profile.

10. Willy Adames, SS, TB | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 10 | Rhys’ Rank: 10

Connor’s take: Love Adames, don’t think he’s all that different from AL Rookie of the Year favorite Gleyber Torres; easy bet to stick at the 6 (could be very good there, in fact), above average hit, above average power.

Rhys’ take:Has a very good shot to stick at short and hit for some power and hit for a high average. I believe he has an outside chance to be better than Gleyber, hopefully I don’t have to go into hiding for that take.

11. Bo Bichette, SS, TOR | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 15 | Rhys’ Rank: 11

Connor’s take: Probably would have ranked Bichette in the top 10 comfortably, but I’m beginning to think the power plays closer to above average than plus. The fact that he looks more like a SS longterm is a definite boost though.

Rhys’ take: I was very concerned about Bo’s shot to stick at SS but Connor told me not to worry.

12. Sixto Sanchez, RHP, PHI | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 14 | Rhys’ Rank: 12

Connor’s take: When you throw 102, elbow injuries may arise, and one unfortunately did for Sixto recently. That’s pretty much the only flaw I can find, though. So young, so nasty, and pretty polished for age. He has ace potential.

Rhys’ take: The owner of the most explosive stuff in the minors, oh and he has plus command for someone who has only been pitching for a short while.

13. Jo Adell, OF, LAA | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 12 | Rhys’ Rank: 15

Connor’s take: The ceiling is best player in baseball.

Rhys’ take: I thought 15 was being cute (turns out Connor likes him more than I do), he possibly is one of the most athletic players to play on a baseball field and he is more polished than anyone would have thought.

14. Royce Lewis, SS, MIN | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 18 | Rhys’ Rank: 13

Connor’s take: Royce was a tough rank for me, because although I’ve seen good grades, I’ve never actually seen him defensively and infield actions are a big one for me. Plus some people think he’d fit better in center. Decided to go aggressive though and Rhys outdid me.

Rhys’ take: I do believe he can stick at short but even if he has to move to center he would still be this highly ranked for me. He has a 60 hit with 60 speed and above average power. I love me some Royce Lewis.

15. Francisco Mejia, C/LF/3B/QB/PG/LW, CLE | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 17 | Rhys’ Rank: 14

Connor’s take: Six Man Rotation’s hanging in there with Mejia. No drop here despite a bad first half of hitting. I still think he can catch a few games a week and I still think the bat is plus at the very least.

Rhys’ take: He could probably play keeper for Liverpool as well. The bat has a chance to play anywhere and he could be a versatile player who can catch and play a few different positions.

16. MacKenzie Gore, LHP, SD | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 11 | Rhys’ Rank: 23

Connor’s take: 93-96 with his fastball all year and all his secondaries have been above average flashing plus fairly consistently.

Rhys’ take: Sexy leg kick, hopefully he is over his blister issues.

17. Keston Hiura, 2B, MIL | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 13 | Rhys’ Rank: 24

Connor’s take: Playing 2B every game now, which is a relief. Genuine 60 hit, 60 power, and decent run from a position with a typically low offensive bar. He could be up as soon as this season.

Rhys’ take: One of the best pure hitters in the minors who also has plus raw power. I’m glad he didn’t have to get TJ, and he can play a passable second base.

18. Luis Robert, OF, CHW | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 19 | Rhys’ Rank: 19

Connor’s take: Genuine CF with a plus arm and 70 speed. Massive raw power as well. Tools are realistically probably only behind Acuna and Adell. Star potential… if he hits.

Rhys’ take: The explosive tools are still there and now we get the opportunity to see Robert stateside. He has a chance to have at least 60’s across the board and stick in center. This could prove to be too low when we do the next update. 

19. Carter Kieboom, SS, WAS | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 25 | Rhys’ Rank: 16

Connor’s take: Not sure where I see Kieboom fitting on the dirt, but the hit/power combo looks like it could be 60/60.

Rhys’ take: Kieboom over Brendan Rodgers might be my spiciest take on this list. I believe Kieboom should stick at shortstop and I believe he has more raw power than Rodgers does. 

20. Brendan Rodgers, SS, COL | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 24 | Rhys’ Rank: 18

Connor’s take: Seen him a handful of times now and never really once been all that impressed. Don’t think he’s a shortstop long term (Hampson was better there) and I’m skeptical of the bat. Realistically, I could have pushed him lower on my list and been fine with it.

Rhys’ take: I worry about his ability to play shortstop, the only thing he’s got going for him is his plus hit tool. If he does finally move to second base he will take a dive in the rankings for me. 

21. Brent Honeywell, RHP, TB | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 21 | Rhys’ Rank: 20

Connor’s take: TJ really just shifts the timeline for me. Not really worried assuming he’s in the 90% of guys that get their stuff back post-surgery.

Rhys’ take: *Pour one out gif* < LOL-Connor

22. Luis Urias, 2B, SD | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 16 | Rhys’ Rank: 28

Connor’s take: 70 hit, dare I say maybe more. More power in his frame/swing than he’s shown. Great glove at 2B. What’s not to like?

Rhys’ take: Urias is of the best pure hitters in the minor leagues that has sneaky power and looks to be a plus defender at second base.

23. Jesus Luzardo, LHP, OAK | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 22 | Rhys’ Rank: 25

Connor’s take: With A.J. Puk going under the knife and Rhys not as high on Sheffield as I am, The Lizard becomes SMR’s 2nd best LHP prospect in all of baseball. Fantastic 3-pitch mix and can throw everything for strikes.

Rhys’ take:  I am totally cool with us starting  to use The Lizard nickname, he’s got those sweet goggles and seems to be all the way back from TJ. He has all the makings of a front of the rotation star in Oakland.

24. Triston McKenzie, RHP, CLE | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 27 | Rhys’ Rank: 21

Connor’s take: Great 3-pitch mix as well. Hurt already this season, which is kind of the concern when you’re as rail thin as he is, but fantastic stuff.

Rhys’ take: Give this guy a sandwich.

25. Mitch Keller, RHP, PIT | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 23 | Rhys’ Rank: 29

Connor’s take: Ever so slightly worried, for lack of a better word, about the rise in walks for Keller, who essentially makes his living commanding his fastball and curveball. Pair that with the changeup question marks, he gets a slight bump down.

Rhys’ take: He’s very much a two pitch pitcher, as his change is lagging behind his fastball and curve. I really hope he doesn’t go the way of Chris Archer.

26. Austin Meadows, OF, PIT | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 40 | Rhys’ Rank: 17

Connor’s take: Nice to see him hitting again, I wasn’t overly concerned with AAA performance, which can be a dumpster fire sometimes, but I was and still am concerned about his injury history.

Rhys’ take: The injury history will always concern me, but the way he has performed at the major league level heavily influenced my rank of him. The ability to hit for power and steal some bases is nice, just please stay healthy.

27. Taylor Trammell, OF, CIN | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 34 | Rhys’ Rank: 22

Connor’s take: Don’t hate a top 25 rank from Rhys, but I’m worried Trammell may be a left fielder at the Major League level, in which case he would have to be a 55 hit, 55 power, 60 speed player to bump up that high for me. That’s totally possible, he could perhaps be even better, but I’ll wait and see.

Rhys’ take: I really like Taylor Trammell, I envision him being able to pay center which may be the reason for the discrepancy in rank between Connor and I. The 55 hit, 55 power with 60 speed in centerfied is very intriguing

28. Justus Sheffield, LHP, NYY | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 20 | Rhys’ Rank: 40

Connor’s take: Plus fastball, plus slider, above average changeup. I could be convinced of some size, durability, or fastball plane issues, but his stuff is nasty.

Rhys’ take: Yankee writer Luke Owens saw him in person and relayed to me that he has a very high effort delivery and I am worried about him becoming a reliever. That probably explains the 20 point delta between my fellow prospect analyst.

29. Michael Kopech, RHP, CHW | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 31 | Rhys’ Rank: 30

Connor’s take: Kopech looked like he had turned a corner last season in the control/command department as he dialed back the fastball, but that success hasn’t carried over into this season and he’s throwing a comically low amount of strikes. Always been such a big Kopech fan, but I’m beginning to worry about the long term control.

Rhys’ take: I am really starting to worry about Kopech’s command. The stuff is great, but he might just be a frustrating starter who loses commands during points of his season. To talk about how the sausage is made, I thought Connor was gonna tell me I’m an idiot for ranking Kopech so low.

30. Leody Taveras, OF, TEX | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 26 | Rhys’ Rank: 39

Connor’s take: I’m still all the way in on Taveras, who has not performed very well for the second straight year. He’s been consistently young for the level, however, and reports have still been positive.

Rhys’ take: Taveras is someone I want to dominate a level because he has all the tools to do so. He is consistently young for the level he just hasn’t wowed me yet. Everything but the power looks to be plus in the future.

31. Nick Madrigal, 2B, CHW | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 29 | Rhys’ Rank: 34

Connor’s take: Potential plus or better hitter with serious wheels and a potential Gold Glover at 2B. Mookie Betts is 5’9” and is on pace for 40 HR, so I’m not worried about the power. The barrel control will allow him to maximize whatever’s in the tank.

Rhys’ take: Best pure hitter in the draft who has a chance to be a plus-plus defender at second base, ignore the shortstop talk.

32. Hunter Greene, RHP, CIN | Age: 18

Connor’s Rank: 38 | Rhys’ Rank: 27

Connor’s take: Breaker improvement is a definite plus, definitely trending up. Flawless delivery. I’m still a tad conservative.

Rhys’ take: Beautiful mechanics are my kryptonite and Hunter Greene has some gorgeous mechanics. He has really worked on his breaking pitch and already has that explosive fastball. He might also be one of the best athletes in the minors.

33. Jesus Sanchez, OF, TB | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 33 | Rhys’ Rank: 31

Connor’s take: Love the offensive profile here, clearly, as Sanchez rakes his way through the Florida State League, but I am a bit worried about the microscopically low walk rate. Jason Woodell, who has seen him a few times, says he’s been working late counts and then getting pitches to hit, but that doesn’t explain all of it.

Rhys’ take: A young hitter who is hitting for power in a league that murders right handed power hitters. He is better suited for right field as opposed to centerfield. The walk rate is concerning.

34. Casey Mize, RHP, DET | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 32 | Rhys’ Rank: 32

Connor’s take: I think he’s more control>command right now, and I don’t love the delivery, but he’s better than Kyle Wright was last year.

Rhys’ take: Mize will mix in 3 plus pitches with a 4th offering that grades out as above average and pairs that with 60 command. His BB/9 of 1.26 was unlike anything we have seen in the college game. There are some rumblings that he could pitch professionally this year. 

35. Mike Soroka, RHP, ATL | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 43 | Rhys’ Rank: 26

Connor’s take: Polish over dominant stuff limits the upside a bit here, but he figures to be very good for a while.

Rhys’ take:

36. Yordan Alvarez, 1B, HOU | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 30 | Rhys’ Rank: 31

Connor’s take:

Rhys’ take: Best 1B in the minors as he has legit power and has hit for average as well. He can play a corner outfield position but his future home is at first. He was the return in the Josh Fields trade.

37. Brendan McKay, 1B/LHP, TB | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 41 | Rhys’ Rank: 33

Connor’s take: As a pure hitter, I’d probably rank him lower. As a pure pitcher, I’d probably rank him lower. But until further notice, he’s both, and we have to treat him as such. That uncharted territory in prospect ranking, so you could argue both ways and I wouldn’t disagree

Rhys’ take: I have such a hard time ranking McKay, as a pure 1B prospect he is around the 80’s, as a pitcher he’s around the 50’s for me.

38. Cristian Pache, OF, ATL| Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 39 | Rhys’ Rank: 35

Connor’s take: Definite improvements at the plate in the power department from Pache this season is a plus, even if his walk rate isn’t good. Even if those improvements at the plate are miniscule season-by-season, he’ll continue to climb these rankings, supported by a potential 80 glove in center field.

Rhys’ take: He has a chance to win multiple gold gloves at a premium defensive position and hit for average. I don’t see how people can project him to have average power, but I view him as a gap-to-gap hitter who is a great base stealer and play sublime defense.

39. Alex Verdugo, OF, LAD | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 37 | Rhys’ Rank: 37

Connor’s take: Oh we nailed this one *high five*

Rhys’ take: *High five* Verdugo for 25 other teams isn’t a prospect anymore. He has a chance for a 60 hit and 55’s everywhere else. Can play center but should probably play right more consistently. He had a homer go off his head once. *The More You Know GIF*

40. Ian Anderson, RHP, ATL | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 49 | Rhys’ Rank: 38

Connor’s take: Gonna be a slow burn with Anderson, unlike some of his other farmhands, but the return could be 3 above average to plus pitches with above average command if it all comes together. Love his delivery

Rhys’ take: Delivery is smooth like butter, and has a chance for his pitches to be at least above average.

41. A.J. Puk, LHP, OAK | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 28 | Rhys’ Rank: 69

Connor’s take: Slightly more concerned about Puk recovering from TJS than I am Honeywell because of command, but barely. Before surgery, he had 5 pitches and a better changeup and more consistent release point. Still high on him being an extremely good pitcher.

Rhys’ take: I had a very nice ranking of Puk. All jokes aside this one sucks because I thought he could challenge for the AL ROY this year. I kinda like the unconventional arm slot and I hope he returns to what he was pre TJ because he had a sho to develop into a legit number 2 starter.

42. Alex Kirilloff, OF, MIN | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 44 | Rhys’ Rank: 46

Connor’s take: Boy can hit.

Rhys’ take: He can really hit and play an above average right field

43. Brandon Marsh, OF, LAA | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 35 | Rhys’ Rank: 62

Connor’s take: Center field fit with lots of tools. Could be above average hitter with above average power there as well.

Rhys’ take: He fits the Angels archetype of a toolsy athletic outfielder, for most teams he would lineup in center but he plays with Jo Adell at Inland Empire so he shifts over to right field. 

44. Austin Riley, 3B, ATL | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 45 | Rhys’ Rank: 47

Connor’s take: As midseason lists begin to trickle out, we could end up being the low men here on Riley, who has shown much better defense and a less easily exposed bat this season, but I still have my doubts. Either way, I wasn’t a fan this offseason, and I’m cautiously optimistic now.

Rhys’ take: I am very worried about his high strikeout rate and I am not sold on his ability to stick at third. The raw power is there but I worry if he’s gonna be able to tap into it consistently. 

45. Chris Paddack, RHP, SD | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 51 | Rhys’ Rank: 43

Connor’s take: Obviously good stats are better than bad stats, but Paddack’s arsenal is perfect for tearing through the lower minors, so no surprises there. The breaker, which is well behind the other 2 pitches, will get a real challenge at the next level.

Rhys’ take: Paddack may very well have the best changeup in all of the minors, it’s a sight to behold. Along with the amazing changeup, he brings plus command to the table and two other above average offerings. Fun fact, he was traded to San Diego in the Fernando Rodney trade back in 2016.

46. Nick Gordon, SS, MIN | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 46 | Rhys’ Rank: 48

Connor’s take: A change to his setup allowed him to get to more power in AA this year, but it hasn’t carried over to AAA, which I’m not overly worried about. He’s gonna hit, add a little power, and at the very least play up the middle, though I’m bullish he sticks at short.

Rhys’ take: I also believe he sticks at short, hits for a high average hits more long balls than his brother Dee. I don’t envision 20-20 seasons for him but I think he can produce a few 20-15 season in his future.

47. Franklin Perez, RHP, DET | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 36 | Rhys’ Rank: 65

Connor’s take: Loveee how advanced Perez is for his age. I think his upside gets massively underrated. I see the potential for plusses across the board. Sucks he got hurt, would have liked to see the stuff hold up over a full 125+ IP, but I’m not concerned unless it becomes a recurring issue, which it isn’t yet.

Rhys’ take: I love how advanced he is, 2019 might be the season he pitches above 100 innings.

48. Corbin Burnes, RHP, MIL | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 56 | Rhys’ Rank: 45

Connor’s take: Not worried about Burnes’ stats at AAA this year (most of the damage against him has been done at home, and it’s safe to completely ignore stats from Colorado Springs) and I’m not concerned about his shift to the bullpen short term in regards to his long term success. The stuff and command as a whole may be closer to above average than plus, however, an opinion of mine that has changed since preseason, which is the reason for a slight drop since then.

Rhys’ take: Ignore Colorado Springs stats

49. Michel Baez, RHP, SD | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 72 | Rhys’ Rank: 36

Connor’s take: Reports of diminished velocity and backed up breaking balls have me a bit worried. Could be some post-injury stuff, and the guy we saw last year could still be in there, but there’s a few more warts now.

Rhys’ take: I saw him live and was very impressed with how well he repeated his delivery and how sharp his stuff was. His curveball was very sharp and generated plenty of swings and misses, and his fastball lead to plenty of weak contact that his defense scooped up and made light work of. He has all the makings of a number 2 starter to me.

50. Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B, PIT | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 52 | Rhys’ Rank: 52

Connor’s take: One of my prospect crushes. One of the better, maybe the best, defensive 3B in the Minors. The home run output may always be limited due to a lack of loft, but Hayes still hits the ball hard with a great hit tool.

Rhys’ take: Connor has converted me, it also helps he’s really hitting the ball hard.

51. Jake Bauers, 1B, TB | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 68 | Rhys’ Rank: 44

Connor’s take: I’m warming up to Bauers. Didn’t think he’d hit for power, which is a general must for me at 1B regardless of everything else, but I’m coming around to that power potential.

Rhys’ take: Back to back players I am aggressive on. What draws me to him is versatile defensive profile as he’s able to be a 60 glove at first or can play in the outfield and be above average.

52. Matthew Liberatore, RHP, TB | Age: 18

Connor’s Rank: 50 | Rhys’ Rank: 63

Connor’s take: This was my first real surprise when Rhys and I merged lists. I knew Rhys was a fan, but I didn’t know I would be seeing Libby this high on his list. Guess we’re both fans.

Rhys’ take: I love the polished lefty. You can project him to have 4 pitches that at least get to above average. He has plus command will mess with hitters timing. 

53. Keibert Ruiz, C, LAD | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 60 | Rhys’ Rank: 53

Connor’s take: Defensive reports have been absolutely glowing, which, if you’re a BP reader, you’ve known for some time – they reported his receiving/framing/blocking as extremely good way before anyone else did. Not walking much and not hitting for much power, but he’s a tough out, striking out under 9% of the time as a 19 year old in AA. There’s a Major Leaguer here in some capacity, with the ceiling of an All Star.

Rhys’ take: Keibert is experiencing a down year of sorts but the best thing for him is the defense hasn’t taken a step back. We have the makings of a perennial all star that helps his pitchers out and hits for power and average.

54. Tyler O’Neill, OF, STL | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 55 | Rhys’ Rank: 58

Connor’s take: Jerry Dipoto traded him for a #4 SP who was out of options LOL

Rhys’ take: He has his own shirt that he wears when he lifts, I’m jealous. He takes big daddy hacks and is more athletic than he gets credit for.

55. Shane Bieber, RHP, CLE | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 65 | Rhys’ Rank: 51

Connor’s take: I’ve been a Belieber since the offseason, when I crammed him into our T150, but the command looks even more immaculate than it did back then. The stuff isn’t wildly good, but being able to throw everything exactly where you want it at all time helps everything play up.

Rhys’ take: He relies on impeccable command and more above average stuff. I am surprised I ranked him higher than the biggest Belieber in the world.

56. Griffin Canning, RHP, LAA | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 42 | Rhys’ Rank: 84

Connor’s take: Canning has been absolutely incredible this season, holding 95 mph with his fastball, touching 97 at times, and throwing 2 breaking balls that are both swing-and-miss pitches. Canning was never technically hurt, just overused and maybe a bit damaged, but he seems extremely healthy now. He’s another half season of health away from me moving him into that upper tier of pitching prospects.

Rhys’ take: Canning averaged something crazy like 120 pitches per start his junior year at UCLA, fast forward a year and the minor leagues have given the UCLA Bruin no challenge. We could see him in the majors sooner rather than later.

57. Andres Gimenez, SS, NYM | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 57 | Rhys’ Rank: 59

Connor’s take: Love, love, love. Good bet to stick at short, even maybe above average or plus there at peak. Always been an advanced hitter, but now some power is beginning to shine through too. The swing reminds me a lot of a left handed Gleyber Torres.

Rhys’ take: He is a lock in my mind to stick at short, he has flashed plus speed and has flashed some sneaky power.

58. Kyle Wright, RHP, ATL | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 62 | Rhys’ Rank: 57

Connor’s take: Jason Gold and I have had some conversation about Wright’s delivery, which looked off to begin the season in a way I wasn’t a fan of, which could be the reason for the high walk totals. Jason has informed me it has since looked better, more like 2017, so this rank could end up being a little too conservative.

Rhys’ take: His command isn’t as great as advertised.

59. Joey Bart, C, SF | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 74 | Rhys’ Rank: 50

Connor’s take: Plus defense, plus power is a fantastic starting point. Gotta hit, though, and catching prospects are arguably worse than pitching prospects.

Rhys’ take: Plus defensive catchers who have average hit tools and plus raw power do not grow on trees.

60. Adrian Morejon, LHP, SD | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 48 | Rhys’ Rank: 80

Connor’s take: It’s been a slow development for Morejon, but I’m still convinced that there’s a chance Morejon could end up with 3 plus pitches and plus control, which would make him an easy frontline starter. Seems like he’s been around forever, but he’s still just 19.

Rhys’ take: Morejon might weirdly be underrated because of all the talent in the Padres system. My only concern is his height but he has pitched well to this point of his professional career.

61. Adonis Medina, RHP, PHI | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 54 | Rhys’ Rank: 70

Connor’s take: Love the control, command, and pitchability at such a young age. Fastball can get into the mid 90s with an above average breaker and changeup. Not worried about his down year yet.

Rhys’ take: Yeah I’m not worried about the down year, he has all the tools to be a productive starter.

62. Dane Dunning, RHP, CHW | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 77 | Rhys’ Rank: 55

Connor’s take: Worried about the changeup, which is well behind his other 2 pitches in my opinion.

Rhys’ take: I am worried about the changeup as well. He is weirdly one of the more successful pitchers to come from Florida in recent history.

63. Anthony Alford, OF, TOR | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 81 | Rhys’ Rank: 54

Connor’s take: One thing that continues to stick with me was Eric Longenhagen saying that [after Acuna] the most likely prospect to go 40/40 one day would be Anthony Alford. The tools are that loud. But I’m not completely sold on the hit tool, and of course, injury history is a big red flag.

Rhys’ take: Tools, tools, more tools.

64. Jahmai Jones, 2B, LAA | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 61 | Rhys’ Rank: 75

Connor’s take: Another tough rank. My gut says to move him lower but I shoved it down. The defense at 2B has been fine though apparently, so with his tools, it makes for a rarity at the position.

Rhys’ take: His defense is fine from what I’ve seen. He is a plus runner who has above average.

65. Kolby Allard, LHP, ATL | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 80 | Rhys’ Rank: 61

Connor’s take: Development of Allard’s change is big for me, and I finally feel comfortable ranking him somewhere. I think the current below average fastball velocity is going to limit his bat missing ability and ultimately upside, but he’s crafty and commands very well.

Rhys’ take: I am worried about the below average fastball but the changeup has taken a step up and the curveball is still as good as advertised. He is a good athlete and repeats his delivery.

66. Jon Duplantier, RHP, ARI | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 53 | Rhys’ Rank: 96

Connor’s take: Good FB/SL combo, 2 other average pitches and average command. Mid rotation starter for me, plain and simple

Rhys’ take: Mid rotation starter with 2 plus pitches and some injury concerns in his past.

67. Khalil Lee, OF, KC | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 103 | Rhys’ Rank: 49

Connor’s take: I like Rhys’ rank, and I had Lee similarly high in a previous iteration of my list. I think there’s a chance he ends up as an above average player who sticks in center with high on-base skills and some pop, which would warrant a higher rank, but there’s also a chance he ends up in RF and he doesn’t get to all his raw power. AA will be a huge, very important test.

Rhys’ take: I believe he will be the first scenario Connor brought up as opposed to the second.

68. Albert Abreu, RHP, NYY | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 70 | Rhys’ Rank: 71

Connor’s take: Here begins the high-SP-upside-but-maybe-a-RP portion of my rankings. Stuff is nasty, 96-98 with good movement armside, 2 potentially plus secondaries. The command is still below average, but improving.

Rhys’ take: He has recently ramped the fastball up to 100 and the secondary offerings are filthy at times. He might have the highest upside in the entire Yankee system.

69. Willie Calhoun, OF, TEX | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 89 | Rhys’ Rank: 60

Connor’s take: I’ve been apprehensive of Calhoun for a bit. Obviously, there are the defensive issues, which are a big one. As a 40 glove, the hit/power would have to play at or above 60/60 for me to get excited. I believe the power is an easy 60, but I’m also not sold the hit tool doesn’t play closer to 55. Pair that with a historically low walk rate, that’s a recipe for good-not-great on-base skills, which as a below average LF, is fine but nothing to get excited about. That sounds similar to Nick Castellanos, who has been under 3 WAR for his career 660 games. There’s very good chance he proves me wrong and absolutely mashes, but I’m not totally sold yet. Also, nice.

Rhys’ take: His defense is let’s say “rough”, he flashes power and a 60 hit tool. Nice, but I think he does hit and I do believe he will tap into his plus raw power.

70. Sean Murphy, C, OAK | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 69 | Rhys’ Rank: 74

Connor’s take: I had Murphy and Bart fairly close to one another in my rankings because I think they bring very similar things to the table. Plus defense, power, etc. Murphy gets the nod just ahead of him thanks to a 70 or better arm and pro performance.

Rhys’ take: He might be the smoothest catcher in all of the minors with an absolute cannon of arm and has started to hit well.

71. Franklin Barreto, 2B | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 121 | Rhys’ Rank: 42

Connor’s take: Oh god I didn’t know what to do with this one. The power/speed combo is clear, I’m just not sure if he hits at the Major League level.

Rhys’ take: Please just graduate already.

72. Danny Jansen, C, TOR | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 47 | Rhys’ Rank: 113

Connor’s take: Not a huge fan of catching prospects in general, because more often than not, the offense or defense stalls at the upper levels. However with Jansen, he’s shown good power and elite on-base skills at the plate for back to back years now, and that’s more than enough to envision a bat well above average in the Majors. The defense is nothing special, but it’s enough to stick. The bat and proximity slot him in as my personal #2 catching prospect.

Rhys’ take: One of the very few catchers with a plus hit tool and the ability to stick at the position. He is very close to the majors and after getting some offseason eye surgery before the 2017 season and he’s really gone off since then.

73. Carter Stewart, RHP, ATL | Age: 18

Connor’s Rank: 64 | Rhys’ Rank: 87

Connor’s take: A plus fastball and potentially 70 curveball is a great place to start. A top 5 talent from the 2018 draft.

Rhys’ take: Owner of the highest recorded rpm on a curveball ever. His fastball velocity has seen an uptick and he is a great athlete. He has a chance to be really good.

74. Ryan McMahon, 1B, COL | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 63 | Rhys’ Rank: 94

Connor’s take: He’ll still hit and play a pretty good 1B… I think

Rhys’ take: Another guy I hope graduates soon, he should hit and play a passable 1B.

75. Travis Swaggerty, OF, PIT | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 58 | Rhys’ Rank: 103

Connor’s take: I don’t know what it is, but I love me some Swaggerty. I’ve heard some irresponsible Andrew Benintendi comps, and while I’m not a fan of comps, and his hit tool will almost certainly never be what Benintendi’s is, there are some similar tools across the board. Great speed and great arm make him a great fit in center and there’s plenty of raw power.

Rhys’ take: Swaggerty is full of tools, he has a keen eye at the plate and should consistently have a high obp. I feel he’s a lock to stick in center because of his plus speed.

76. Shane Baz, RHP, PIT | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 71 | Rhys’ Rank: 92

Connor’s take: Big, athletic kid with crazy. Great fastball, great movement, great curveball, and also mixes in a cutter and a slider. If he throws strikes more consistently, he’s an upper tier SP prospect.

Rhys’ take: Baz seems to throw every pitch imaginable and does it well. He’s very athletic and is in the right organization to extract every ounce of potential from him.

77. Alec Bohm, 3B, PHI | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 79 | Rhys’ Rank: 81

Connor’s take: I think a move to 1B is in order here, even with a good arm, and the swing is a long one. Power/patience combo could be elite though.

Rhys’ take: I agree he probably moves to first base but could be a 60 hit 60 power guy by the time he is major league ready.

78. Drew Waters, OF, ATL | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 78 | Rhys’ Rank: 85

Connor’s take: Above average glove in CF with 60 run, 60 arm is a good prospect. Throw in above average hit and above average power and we got ourselves a stew.

Rhys’ take: There is a shot he is 60s across the board. He also got offered a car to sign with the Braves.

79. Peter Alonso, 1B, NYM | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 82 | Rhys’ Rank: 83

Connor’s take: This is a rank I forced myself to do against my instincts/gut in favor of performance. R/R college 1B have a horrendous track record, and on top of that, Alonso’s glove is well below average.

Rhys’ take: Big boy who can hit for power.

80. Anderson Espinoza, RHP, SD | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 66 | Rhys’ Rank: 110

Connor’s take: Something something Tommy John uncertainty, but there’s genuine ace upside here if his stuff returns to what it was pre-surgery, which could be 3 plus pitches with good command. It just may take a little while to get there.

Rhys’ take:He I worry with the injury concerns he gets moved to the bullpen.

81. Dylan Cease, RHP, CHW | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 101 | Rhys’ Rank: 73

Connor’s take: The delivery looks better to me than it has in the past, so I’m boarding the train after staying off for a while. If he stays off the DL, and his velocity holds throughout the season, he could enter 2019 as one of the better White Sox arms.

Rhys’ take: I am very impressed with the new delivery and I have always liked his stuff.

82. Jonathan India, 3B, CIN | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 99 | Rhys’ Rank: 77

Connor’s take: I think India’s offensive upside gets undersold. There’s also a chance the Reds roll him out to shortstop, which, given his huge improvements at 3B over the last year and the Reds’ ability to mold Nick Senzel into an above average defender, could be an experiment that could work out well.

Rhys’ take: I like Jonathan India a lot, I believe he can play short in a pinch but is better suited to play third where he is a plus defender. He absolutely destroyed the SEC this year and he projects to be a plus hitter with 55 power. Grab him in your fantasy leagues.

83. Luiz Gohara, LHP, ATL | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 109 | Rhys’ Rank: 72

Connor’s take: Command, weight, and injuries have all been an issue this season, three reasons I’ve always been a bit low on Gohara. The weight and poor conditioning could be caused – or at the very least related to – the illness and eventual passing of his mother, something I can’t pretend to imagine, but there are enough red flags that he got plopped into the high-SP-upside-but-probable-RP tier of my list.

Rhys’ take: Big boiiiiiii who I think might be a reliever. The fastball-slider combo is good enough to play just the changeup seriously lags behind.

84. Christin Stewart, OF, DET | Age: 24

Connor’s Rank: 76 | Rhys’ Rank: 105

Connor’s take: Always loved the hit/power/patience potential from an offensive standpoint, but the fact that he looks in better condition physically after working all offseason was a big plus in my mind. If he can be even fringe average in LF, he’s a good player.

Rhys’ take: To say he is a bad defender is an insult to bad defenders everywhere, he is a DH through and through. He is a three-true-outcome hitter with the chance for 30 homers. 

85. Julio Pablo Martinez, OF, TEX | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 98 | Rhys’ Rank: 82

Connor’s take: A lot of average to above average tools across the board. That makes for a good prospect, but he isn’t in the same range as Robert.

Rhys’ take: Take any stats he posts this year with a grain of salt till he hits the AA level where he will be more age appropriate. I worry he’s more 50’s to 55’s instead of the 60’s we see from other outlets.

86. Dustin Fowler, OF, OAK | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 144 | Rhys’ Rank: 56

Connor’s take: Pretty gruesome injury ended his 2017 season, and while his sprint speed has been north of 29 mph this season according to Baseball Savant, I’m not totally convinced he hasn’t lost a step. I think the hit tool plays closer to average than above average.

Rhys’ take: I think the hit tool pays closer to above average, and I do not think he’s lost a step. I also believe his power has been undersold when he was in the minors.

87. Colton Welker, 3B, COL | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 67 | Rhys’ Rank: 126

Connor’s take: Welker has had one of my favorite swings in the Minors for two years now, and near universal reports on his improved defense have me jazzed up. I think there’s a chance for 55 tools across the board in the future, maybe even a tick better if it all comes together, but his numbers at hitter-friendly Lancaster definitely aren’t as eye-popping as they perhaps should be. Rhys’ did a good job tempering his rank; it’s why we do a communal list.

Rhys’ take: Colton Welker has a lightning quick bat but he is a chest full of 50’s. He played in the hitter-friendly Lancaster ballpark where he is destroying baseballs. I believe he’s an above average glove at third which provides him some extra value.

88. Austin Hays, OF, BAL | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 132 | Rhys’ Rank: 66

Connor’s take: I wanted to be more conservative with my Hays rank preseason, but I chickened out. I like the tools, but he’s obviously very aggressive at the plate, and if he can’t control that and the hit tool is just average, it could be a tough profile.

Rhys’ take: I’ve never been burned by someone so bad before…

89. Dennis Santana, RHP, LAD | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 84 | Rhys’ Rank: 104

Connor’s take: Massive changeup development after years of looking like it was never going to come. Good bet to start at this point, but nothing certain still and he could have some righty/lefty split issues.

Rhys’ take: He went from a future reliever to a back end starter thanks to the development of his changeup.

90. Brusdar Graterol, RHP, MIN | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 83 | Rhys’ Rank: 106

Connor’s take: Upside is huge for Graterol, who has hit 100 with his fastball and has the potential for 2 above average to plus secondaries. Some health/delivery concerns, but he has a strong build that has me bullish.

Rhys’ take: Brusdar is an 80 grade name. His fastball gets to 100 and creates plenty of weak contact. He just seems to go on the DL every week.

91. Wander Franco, SS, TB | Age: 17

Connor’s Rank: 86 | Rhys’ Rank: 102

Connor’s take: Franco was apparently mashing in XST. So much so, that the Rays elected to skip him right to the Appalachian League. He should be in full season ball next year, and it sounds like the power has come quicker than expected.

Rhys’ take: It’s refreshing to see Tampa be aggressive with Franco. He is the best pure hitter from his J2 class and could have some sneaky power.

92. Seuly Matias, OF, KC | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 95 | Rhys’ Rank: 93

Connor’s take: Top of the scale power, and it’s very clear he can get to it in games. Pair that with 70 grade arm, and he perfectly fits the mold of a power hitting, right fielder. There are some underratedly poor pitch recognition skills, however, which blur the future of the hit tool a bit.

Rhys’ take: This dude mashes when he gets a hold of the ball, the biggest problem is the hit tool and it will be interesting to see how he goes up the organizational ladder. 

93. Luis Medina, RHP, NYY | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 59 | Rhys’ Rank: 156

Connor’s take: Huge work in progress, and the command most likely will never be better than average (if that), but the upside is HUGE, which is why he ranks so highly for me. There’s a non-zero chance of a 70 fastball, plus breaker, and plus changeup; genuine #1-2 SP upside. Obviously a massive gap between ceiling and floor, but I think he’s a decent pen piece even if he doesn’t hit that humongous ceiling.

Rhys’ take: I worry very much about him becoming a reliever.

94. Heliot Ramos, OF, SF | Age: 18

Connor’s Rank: 73 | Rhys’ Rank: 137

Connor’s take: Quick reminder than Ramos is still just 18 years old and playing in full season ball. Most kids his age have been in high school this whole year while he was playing professionally. In fact, he’s still a good amount younger than recent Mets’ draftee Jarred Kelenic. That said, I think the chances he struggled this season were better than not, so no real movement from me. It clear he’s more raw than some post-draft reports, but I still love the tools.

Rhys’ take: Heliot Ramos is just someone I’m gonna have a love hate relationship with. I know he’ll hit for power but he will probably be a corner outfielder as opposed to a centerfielder.

95. Shed Long, 2B, CIN | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 149 | Rhys’ Rank: 67

Connor’s take: There’s a lot to like here, but I think it will be a more of a nice, solid-average, bat first second baseman than a impact player. Almost 23 and not a ton sticks out besides the on-base skills. Glove figures to be below average.

Rhys’ take: I like Shed Long as an impact bat who can pitch in with some stolen bases and hit a few homers in Great American Ballpark. I am not a fan of the averageish defense but his bat should help distract people from his average glove.   

96. Estevan Florial, OF, NYY | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 105 | Rhys’ Rank: 95

Connor’s take: Tools, tools, tools, but the most important one isn’t there. Well document pitch recognition skills that I would have loved for him to attempt to work on throughout the season. Those sort of problems are ok, maybe even standard, for a teenager, but now, Florial will step back into the batter’s box next season as a 21 year old with a future 40 hit tool. The profile can still work, as most if not all tools still grade out as plus, but it’s losing steam.

Rhys’ take:He can not hit breaking pitches like at all. This injury takes away some crucial development time, he has to work on the hit tool because the other tools are explosive.

97. Nolan Jones, 3B, CLE | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 100 | Rhys’ Rank: 98

Connor’s take: Beautiful swing from the left side, ability to take a walk, and more power than has shown up on paper. May not stick at 3B, but has a good arm, so a move to the OF (instead of the dreaded move to 1B) is plausible.

Rhys’ take: Gorgeous swing, I do believe he can stick at 3B and he is a very patient hitter.

98. Alec Hansen, RHP, CHW | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 88 | Rhys’ Rank: 118

Connor’s take: Tough one to rank. Still in, obviously, but the future holds more uncertainty that I would like.

Rhys’ take:He has a killer curveball and a few other above average offerings. He could be a high leverage pen arm.

99. Luis Alexander Basabe, OF, CHW | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 97 | Rhys’ Rank: 108

Connor’s take: Finally healthy and looking like the toolsy OF he was at the time of the Chris Sale trade.

Rhys’ take: Basabe should stick up the middle in center and he has the chance for average power while showcasing a plus hit tool.

100. Cal Quantrill, RHP, SD | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 139 | Rhys’ Rank: 68

Connor’s take: Not a fan in the slightest. To begin, it was a lot of average stuff with an above average change fueled by decent command. That command (and delivery) aren’t there this year, the breaker still hasn’t developed much, and his velocity was down in some isolated looks this spring. I think it’s time to worry.

Rhys’ take:

101. Jorge Mateo, SS, OAK | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 171 | Rhys’ Rank: 64

Connor’s take: Billy Hamilton 2.0 ?

Rhys’ take: I hope not

102. Jarred Kelenic, OF, NYM | Age: 18

Connor’s Rank: 114 | Rhys’ Rank: 99

Connor’s take: If I’m being honest, I’m not Kelenic’s biggest fan. I see more above average tools than plus ones, plus he’s old for the draft class, and we’ve seen that go wrong plenty of times. I don’t care what he’s doing in Rookie ball. I think there’s typical risk with decent but not extraordinary upside

Rhys’ take: More 50’s than 60’s but I do believe his carrying trait will be his hit tool.

103. Steven Gonsalves, LHP, MIN | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 91 | Rhys’ Rank: 128

Connor’s take: Concerns with the breaker and how it’s general inability to miss bats will play at the ML level, but it’s a good fastball with command and deception and an easy plus changeup, so I’m hanging in there.

Rhys’ take: He could pitch in the majors right now thanks to his command and the  deception he gets on his pitches.

104. MJ Melendez, C, KC | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 118 | Rhys’ Rank: 100

Connor’s take: I went against my usual methodology re: ranking catchers here with Melendez, as I actually think there’s a good chance he never comes remotely close to his ceiling, which at catcher, I’m not a fan of. However, the ceiling here of an above average to plus defensive catcher with lots of game power is obvious, and that’s what pushed him up my list.

Rhys’ take:

105. Franklyn Kilome, RHP, PHI  Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 155 | Rhys’ Rank: 78

Connor’s take: Still see an RP long term, but I’m more of a fan than I was preseason

Rhys’ take: I like the chance for him to start and I think he has the upside to be a front of the rotation starter, although admittedly that  chance is very low. I still believe.

106. Kyle Lewis, OF, SEA | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 159 | Rhys’ Rank: 76

Connor’s take: I’m still heavily concerned about his injuries. There were just so many tough injuries to the same knee. Plus his performance in the hitter-friendly Cal League hasn’t been breathtaking. His climb back up my list is going to be a slow one.

Rhys’ take: Injuries, injuries, injuries. When healthy he is one of the toolsiest players in baseball but the only problem is if he’s ever healthy.

107. Cole Winn, RHP, TEX | Age: 18

Connor’s Rank: 85 | Rhys’ Rank: 145

Connor’s take: Don’t let Winn being the most advanced high school pitcher in the draft blind you from his upside. Mid 90s fastball, his breaker could be plus, and his command is advanced.

Rhys’ take: Mix of upside and polish from a high schooler is rare. He has 4 pitches that during any outing can flash plus.

108. Jose Soriano, RHP, LAA | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 102 | Rhys’ Rank: 119

Connor’s take: Glad Rhys and I were on the same page here. There’s a decent amount of work to be done, but Soriano’s stock rises by the day. Fastball up to 96, plus curveball, and a big, athletic frame and smooth delivery that bodes well for future control and command.

Rhys’ take: The ingredients are there for Soriano to become a front of the rotation star for the Halos. Like Connor talked about he has 2 plus pitches and an athletic frame.

109. Ryan Mountcastle, 3B, BAL | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 122 | Rhys’ Rank: 101

Connor’s take: Tiny little boost in his walk rate is definitely a step in the right direction, which is a fantastic addition to a 55 hit, 55 power profile. I still have no idea where he’s going to play defensively though, and that uncertainty definitely dropped him a bit. His arm simply can’t play on the left side of the dirt.

Rhys’ take: I am perplexed by where Mountcastle will actually play defensively, but I am not concerned about the offensive profile. His lack of walks is icky but he gets to his above average raw power consistently.

110. Beau Burrows, RHP, DET | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 140 | Rhys’ Rank: 90

Connor’s take: Not the biggest fan on the delivery or secondaries, but the fastball is pretty bonkers.

Rhys’ take: I think the secondaries are coming along nicely for someone who started his pro career being a fastball only guy. I do think the reliever risks have quieted down.

111. Tristen Lutz, OF, MIL | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 150 | Rhys’ Rank: 86

Connor’s take: Didn’t have Lutz in my Top 150 pre-season, so his struggles this year obviously didn’t help him move up at all.

Rhys’ take: He has plus raw power but has some swing and miss concerns.

112. Braxton Garrett, LHP, MIA | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 90 | Rhys’ Rank: 148

Connor’s take: Loved him pre-TJ. Still love him. Think there’s a great pitcher in there.

Rhys’ take: I hope he can stay healthy because his stuff was pretty bonkers pre draft.

113. Nate Pearson, RHP, TOR | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 96 | Rhys’ Rank: 141

Connor’s take: A more conservative ranking with Pearson might make more sense than T100, but I think his injuries this season are not overly concerning. Being able to throw 102 mph and throw strikes at that velo keep the ceiling high.

Rhys’ take: He throws a few different pitches and can get his fastball all the way up to 100. His ceiling is as high as anyone in this range of the top 150.

114. Tirso Ornelas, OF, SD | Age: 18

Connor’s Rank: 113 | Rhys’ Rank: 115

Connor’s take: Shoutout Marc Rodriguez from Prospects 365, who wrote a great piece on Ornelas. Everything you need to know is in that article. Big fan of Tirso, whose body and thus ability to stick in the OF are much better this year.

Rhys’ take:I like Ornelas’ ability to stick in center and he has an undersold hit tool.

115. Monte Harrison, OF, MIA | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 157 | Rhys’ Rank: 88

Connor’s take: Been late on mediocre fastballs all year and timing has been off. There’s a chance his hit tool never exceeds 40.

Rhys’ take:He is very very athletic. The biggest problem is his hit tool is well below average.

116. Nick Pratto, 1B, KC | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 174 | Rhys’ Rank: 79

Connor’s take: Even though we’re almost 100 spots away in rank, I don’t think Rhys’ rank is wild. The appeal is very, very clear. I tend to just take a more wait-and-see approach with young 1B and Pratto has been bad after April.

Rhys’ take: I love Pratto’s patience and he has showcased plus raw power.

117. Touki Toussaint, RHP, ATL | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 104 | Rhys’ Rank: 133

Connor’s take: Touki is a bullpen arm for me, but to his credit, he’s thrown a greater number of strikes this year than in years past, and it’s really paying off. A recent video from Adam McInturff at 2080 Baseball really showed what Touki could do out of the pen though, which was upper 90’s with a disgusting breaker.

Rhys’ take: Bullpen arm for me as well. The 60 fastball and 60 curveball could play up out of the pen.

118. Enyel De Los Santos, RHP, PHI | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 106 | Rhys’ Rank: 131

Connor’s take: Was always a big fan of Enyel and I was honestly surprised the Phillies got so much for freddy Galvis. Phillies analytics department messed with his delivery mechanics a bit and it seemed to have helped. Wouldn’t argue that he’s a little fastball heavy, but the changeup is legit and the breakers have shown promise, even though they remain inconsistent.

Rhys’ take:

119. Garrett Hampson, SS, COL | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 92 | Rhys’ Rank: 155

Connor’s take: Dude can ball. Lightning fast, elite base stealer, patient, a tough strikeout, can take a walk, and figures to play up the middle. Fear is, of course, that if the power is below average, pitchers will attack him without fear of him doing damage, but I think he gets to every ounce of his power, even if it isn’t a lot.

Rhys’ take: Garrett Hampson squeezes every ounce of talent he has, and maximizes his tools. He is one tough SOB to get out and when he gets on base he will steal.

120. Logan Allen, LHP, SD | Age:21

Connor’s Rank: 126 | Rhys’ Rank: 112

Connor’s take: A bunch of average stuff highlighted by an above average change. Command could hinder the rest of the profile, but he’s a safe bet to be a #4 starter. I don’t see much room for more than that.

Rhys’ take:

121. Nolan Gorman, 3B, STL | Age: 18

Connor’s Rank: 128 | Rhys’ Rank: 111

Connor’s take: Not thrilled about reports that his body and overall conditioning have back up in the past year. It’s something St Louis. can fix, sure, but I think there’s a decent chance Gorman could be a 1B in the future. Also not thrilled about his well known lack of breaking ball recognition. Ultimately, I think there’s more than a few ways this can go wrong, but the upside kept him inside my T150.

Rhys’ take: His raw power is off the charts and his ability to stick at third will be very important because he would probably not make my top 150 if he was a first base only guy because the hit tool isn’t there. Last summer he was much more athletic and looked like an above average glove, if he can get back to that and maintain the 70 grade raw power he would be a top 100 prospect for me.

122. Isan Diaz, 2B, MIA | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 163 | Rhys’ Rank: 91

Connor’s take: I’m not convinced of the power projection any longer, and without that, there’s nothing to get overly thrilled about.

Rhys’ take: I still think the power is in there and he can steal some bases, I worry about the hit tool.

123. Micker Adolfo, OF, CHW | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 108 | Rhys’ Rank: 139

Connor’s take: The breakout continues for Adolfo, who comes equipped with a bunch of average to above average tools.

Rhys’ take: Discount Juan Soto

124. Corbin Martin, RHP, HOU | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 119 | Rhys’ Rank: 124

Connor’s take: After moving from rotation to the pen in college for control reasons, Martin’s reports from this season have been glowing. He was up to 96 at Texas A&M, and both his curve and change have flashed plus. Command is still an issue, but been better.

Rhys’ take: Command is the only issue I see with Corbin Martin.

125. Zack Collins, C/1B, CHW | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 122 | Rhys’ Rank: 136

Connor’s take: We’ve been saying since he was drafted that, even in the White Sox organization, there’s no chance he sticks at catcher. That hasn’t changed, but it looks like the power/patience could play at 1B.

Rhys’ take: His power and approach are his carrying tools, he probably is a DH if we are being honest.

126. Blake Rutherford, OF, CHW | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 134 | Rhys’ Rank: 114

Connor’s take: Not 100% sold on the bat, and he’s most likely a LF.

Rhys’ take: I am back on the Rutherford hype train, he has hit for average and has mixed in some power this year. He is a corner guy so mainating his current level of offensive output is imperative. 

127. Corey Ray, OF, MIL | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 130 | Rhys’ Rank: 117

Connor’s take: Decided to rank ray a little more aggressively, giving him a chance to be an average regular, but there’s honestly still a good chance he’s a 4th outfielder as well.

Rhys’ take: He has all the tools to be a useful big leaguer but his hit tool is well below average.

128. Dustin May, RHP, LAD | Age: 20

Connor’s Rank: 87 | Rhys’ Rank: 181

Connor’s take: Big Dustin May guy, and I’m just glad he broke the list this time around. 2 devastating pitches with a high spin/life, mid-90’s fastball (t97) and a wipeout slider from a 6’6” frame give him a late inning, bullpen fallback if the changeup and command don’t develop anymore, but I’m bullish on the command. If they progress, his upside is pretty high.

Rhys’ take:

129. Peter Lambert, RHP, COL | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 127 | Rhys’ Rank: 121

Connor’s take: Not a huge fan of the short stride in his delivery at all, but he has performed well and could have above average control of a few above average pitches.

Rhys’ take: Lambert tamed Lancaster which is an achievement on it’s own. His stuff won’t blow you away but he has back end of the rotation written all over him.

130. Mitchell White, RHP, LAD | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 124 | Rhys’ Rank: 127

Connor’s take: I really like White, I think his stuff is incredibly legit. Perhaps maybe even as high as a #2 pitcher if he could stay healthy for a prolonged period of time. Health, of course, is the real issue, though, and starting off with 2 more injuries this year is a bad look.

Rhys’ take: I am concerned about the health, but when healthy he might be one of the best pure arms in all the minors. He has good stuff and has a very high ceiling.

131. Daz Cameron, OF, DET | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 173 | Rhys’ Rank: 97

Connor’s take: I think Daz has a future in the Majors, maybe even a very safe floor of such, but to me, there are more average tools than there are above average ones. Safe, future-average guys don’t get much love from me.

Rhys’ take: I think Daz has 55’s across the board which may lead to the discrepancy in our rankings.

132. Kristian Robinson, OF, ARI | Age: 17

Connor’s Rank: 160 | Rhys’ Rank: 109

Connor’s take: Athletic as all hell, and apparently puts on a damn show during BP. I’m lower on the new IFA’s though.

Rhys’ take: Crazy athlete with a chance to be a legit 5-tool talent.

133. Michael Chavis, 3B, BOS | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 145 | Rhys’ Rank: 123

Connor’s take: If Chavis was suspended for weed or something, it would be a different story. There is, however, a decent chance that the PED’s that got him suspended were also the reason for his breakout 2017 campaign. How he’ll hit out of suspension is a mystery.

Rhys’ take: He took some crude Soviet Union level PED, I worry that his power outburst was fueled by that and he doesn’t provide enough with the glove to make me rank him any higher.

134. Jose Suarez, RHP, LAA | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 75 | Rhys’ Rank: Unranked

Connor’s take: Before this year, Suarez was a control/command specialist with a plus changeup and that was pretty much it. A decent profile, but not one to get excited about. This season, his velocity is way up, as high as 95 mph at times, and his breaker has bumped up to about average after being a fringe pitch in the past. There’s a chance for 2 plus pitches and an above average breaker with above average command here.  

Rhys’ take: I am worried he is a AAAA arm, leading to him not making my list.

135. Jay Groome, LHP, BOS | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 147 | Rhys’ Rank: 125

Connor’s take: Groome was a tough one to rank because between Tommy John surgery and his other injuries, by the time he gets back on a mound, he’ll be 20 years old with essentially no more development than a fresh high school draftee. But the curve is so nasty and he’s still got upside.

Rhys’ take: The upside is still there for Groome to be the best pitcher from his draft class. The TJ is definitely concerning and the lost amount of development time really sucks.

136. Aramis Ademan, SS, CHC | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 166 | Rhys’ Rank: 116

Connor’s take: Quality hitter, much better than it looks on paper this season at A+ (a level Ademan is very young for) and a good bet to stick at short and maybe even be pretty good there. Not sure if he ever gets to power though, and he isn’t overly fast, so there’s a few ways that the offensive profile doesn’t work out.

Rhys’ take: I doubt he gets to average power but I think he has a good shot to stick at short. More of a gap-to-gap hitter who should hit for a high average I feel his ultimate upside is a 15 homer-15 stolen base season where he hits around .270.

137. Matt Manning, RHP, DET | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 136 | Rhys’ Rank: 138

Connor’s take: I like him a bit more than I did preseason, but he’s just so raw and such a project. The ceiling remains that of a frontline starter.

Rhys’ take: Matt Manning posses a killer curveball and is an uber athlete. The command can be rough at times and he lacks any sort of consistency. The upside is still there however he and the Tigers have a lot to work on. 

138. Austin Beck, OF, OAK | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 107 | Rhys’ Rank: 187

Connor’s take: Like Adell, Beck’s biggest question mark going into pro ball was his hit tool. Every other tool was fantastic. He’s isn’t lighting the world on fire like Adell is, but positive signs in the hit department is encouraging.

Rhys’ take: He got Mike Trout comps pre draft which is gross. He has outstanding tools just I wonder how much he taps into his power with his below average hit tool.

139. Cole Tucker, SS, PIT | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: Unranked | Rhys’ Rank: 89

Connor’s take: I’ve never been a huge fan of Tucker. I think he’s a future Major Leaguer, I just think the impact, even if he manages to find a role at SS in the future, is limited. He’s a good runner, but the hit tool is average, power below, and as of now, it’s a below average glove as well.

Rhys’ take: He has a shot to be an average defender at shortstop who hits for average as opposed to hitting for any sort of power. He strikes me as someone that makes consistent enough contact that he could unlock some more power and really surprise people. I might be the high man on him but I like his chance to stick up the middle and be someone that hits for a high average and chips in on the basepaths.

140. Jorge Guzman, RHP, MIA | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 135 | Rhys’ Rank: 150

Connor’s take: Honestly, this may be a bit high for Guzman. The ceiling here is sky high, but as of now, the arsenal consists of a 100+ mph fastball and a bunch of below average secondaries. His walks are up and his strikeouts are down, and some reports of regressing offspeeds make the potential ceiling less likely by the day.

Rhys’ take: I worry Guzman is nothing more than a pen arm. The lack of a consistent secondary offering scares me but I do acknowledge the upside is there for something special just the chances of that happening are about the same as me playing in a NBA game.

141. Ryan McKenna, OF, BAL | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 116 | Rhys’ Rank: 182

Connor’s take: I think he profiles well in CF. In discussions that I’ve had with evaluators, power is not going to be a huge part of his game; the SLG this season is definitely a mirage. Patient, fast, athletic, much better pitch recognition this season. Could develop into a high contact, leadoff type CF.

Rhys’ take: Gasp he draws a walk in Baltimore’s system. He won’t hit for massive amounts of power but he will be an extra-base threat because of his plus speed.

142. George Valera, OF, CLE | Age: 17

Connor’s Rank: 178 | Rhys’ Rank: 120

Connor’s take: I may have been a little low on Valera here, as everything I’ve read has been glowing. I think I’m just naturally a bit lower on kids this young.

Rhys’ take: I love George Valera, his raw power and ability to make consistent hard contact are exactly what I want from a corner outfield prospect. He is more athletic than one would think and by all reports his arm might be plus, leading to him developing into an above average defensive right fielder that could mash opposing pitchers.

143. Jonathan Hernandez, RHP, TEX | Age: 21

Connor’s Rank: 93 | Rhys’ Rank: Unranked

Connor’s take: Hernandez stuff has never been an issue; the fastball sits 95-96 with crazy run, the slider is plus, and his changeup has shown potential. His low arm slot and upright delivery could affect his control enough that he’s a reliever long term, but his command is up a bit this year.

Rhys’ take: I am worried about the low arm slot and reliever risk, which is why I have hi so low.

144. Wander Javier, SS, MIN | Age: 19

Connor’s Rank: 137 | Rhys’ Rank: 153

Connor’s take: Still could break out, but missing this season is a big loss.

Rhys’ take: *pour one out for Wander* I was all aboard the hype train and will buy anyone’s stock of him.

145. Jonathan Loaisiga, RHP, NYY | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 94 | Rhys’ Rank: Unranked

Connor’s take: Funky arm action and an injury history could ultimately push him into relief, but the stuff is fantastic.

Rhys’ take: Stuff is very good, just he might be a reliever.

146. David Peterson, LHP, NYM | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 117 | Rhys’ Rank: 191

Connor’s take: High floor, potential mid rotation starter for me. Safe #4 with a chance for more.

Rhys’ take: He has the floor of a 4 starter and upside of a 3. I like the fastball-slider combo.

147. D.J. Peters, OF, LAD | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 148 | Rhys’ Rank: 144

Connor’s take: Plus power and a non-zero chance of sticking in center field.

Rhys’ take: This dude is yolked, if he can stick in center and hit 30 taters a year he’s a very valuable asset.

148. Sandy Alcantara, RHP, MIA | Age: 22

Connor’s Rank: 168 | Rhys’ Rank: 132

Connor’s take: Don’t like Alcantara much at all. Big fastball and that’s pretty much it. Plus his strikeouts have been down all year

Rhys’ take: Big fastball, and is making his major league debut when this gets posted.

149. Brent Rooker, 1B, MIN | Age: 23

Connor’s Rank: 156 | Rhys’ Rank: 140

Connor’s take: If he’s a LF or 1B – a poor one at that – he’s really going to have to hit. He could, but it’s been a so-so year at AA for Rooker so far.

Rhys’ take: Big boy power who will play a non premium position.

150. Taylor Widener, RHP, ARI | Age: 13

Connor’s Rank: 146 | Rhys’ Rank: 147

Connor’s take: Widener came over from the Yankees in the Brandon Drury trade and Arizona unlocked something that’s making Widener look like a different animal. Plus fastball, decent breaker, average command and changeup.

Rhys’ take: He went from looking like a reliever to now looking like a back end starter. The fastball gets on hitters in a flash and will mix in a solid breaker.


Connor’s highest ranked that didn’t make it: Braden Bishop (OF, SEA), Ronaldo Hernandez (C, TB), Reggie Lawson (RHP, SD), Gabriel Arias (SS, SD), Cal Mitchell (OF, PIT)

Rhys’ highest ranked that didn’t make it: Gavin Lux (SS, LAD), Isaac Paredes (SS, DET), Jake Rogers (C, DET) Yu-Cheng Chang (SS, CLE), Adam Haseley (OF, PHI)

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