Next in line in this “unknown” prospect article series is Yasel Antuna. Yasel Antuna is a 17 year shortstop signed out of the Dominican Republic by the Washington Nationals. He signed a $3.9 Million dollar signing bonus when he was picked up by the team.

His batting eye is very mature for his age, in his first season in Rookie ball, Antuna has managed to walk 23 times compared to 28 strikeouts in 47 games. What stands out about Antuna is his speed, he has 8 doubles 3 triples and 5 stolen bases in the short amount of time. Now he has been caught 50% of the time on the base paths, but those skills will continue to develop as he grows.

The most interesting aspect is whether the power will develop as he ages. He currently only has one home run in the games he’s played for the GCL Nationals. The power doesn’t need to be there for him to make a run at the top 100 prospect lists, but for fantasy relevancy, it would be a welcome addition to an already fantastic tool set. It could mean the difference between him being a Trea Turner, or an Alcides Escobar. This is one prospect where it is way too soon to compare him to any Major League player, fantasy owners can only continue to watch and see how Antuna develops.


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