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First off, I would like to say thank you to Sam Carlson for letting me interview him. For those that do not know, Sam Carlson was selected in the second round of the 2017 MLB Draft by the Seattle Mariners. The Seattle Mariner prospect posseses 3 plus pitches; a plus fastball that gets up to the mid 90’s with late life, a plus slider, and, a personal favorite of mine, a changeup that posseses sink. Carlson was someone that many evaluators had ranked higher than where he went, and if he continues to develop at this rate, Seattle could have very well gotten themselves a steal in the Minnesota prep pitcher.

Could you walk me through your pre draft experience? When did you know you were going to be selected by the Seattle Mariners?

SC: ”When the draft came around I had no idea who I was going to be taken by. I was very nervous, but a good nervous. I knew I was going to be selected by the Mariners when they called me 3 picks before the took me.”

What would you say are your strengths when you are on the mound?

SC: “I would say I’m a physical presence when I am on the mound. My fastball is firm, with good control, my change up is my best pitch and my slider is a good secondary option. I compete every pitch and have good mound presence.”

On the flip side what would you say are things you would like to improve upon when on the mound?

SC: ”I need to improve on my slider consistency as well as perfecting my delivery.”

Since being drafted by the Mariners, has there been anything a coach or management has asked you to work upon or tweak? If so what was it?

SC: “No, not really. They just let me compete since i’m very new to the organization.”

Is there anything that you have taken from another pitcher and added to your game, whether that’s from a teammate or someone you have watched or talked to? If so which pitcher(s) and what did you take?

SC: “I love watching Marcus Stroman pitch. The way he carries himself, with so much energy and passion is incredible. I try to implement that into my game as it gives the whole team a good vibe.”

Do the Mariners have any sort of  plans for you this offseason? If they don’t what do you have planned?

SC: “Yes I am currently at their 6 week high performance camp.”

Awesome, what do they have you working on?

SC: “It’s a strength and conditioning camp”

Walk me through your pregame routine, is there any sort of routine or superstition you have to accomplish before you take the mound? Is there any difference between a day game or a night game for you as far as routine goes? Anything you do that is different than your teammates?

SC: “No superstitions. I just start my warm-up 30 minutes prior to the game with my bullpen being 10 minutes before. Pretty simple.”

Can you expand on your warm-up a little? What do you do to get yourself warmed up? Are there any things you focus on specifically?

SC: “I do J-Bands, a dynamic warm up and then play catch. I throw pretty far in my pre-game routine.”

Thanks again to Sam Carlson. With his three plus pitches, and his competitive approach to the game Carlson could become a fan favorite no matter what ballpark he calls home when he makes the major leagues. Carlson is someone I will keep a close eye on to see how he handles each level of MiLB and what the Mariners do to develop him.

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