For years now, Tampa Bay Rays fans have wondered when talks for a new stadium would finally get somewhere. There’s still a long road ahead that won’t be obstacle free, but positive developments have come out of Ybor City Florida. If you recall in my last stadium update, the Rays were looking to make Ybor City their new home as opposed to St. Petersburg. Tampa fans are hoping a move to Ybor City would be a profitable one and fans will come. Of course time will tell on those situations, but here’s what we do know in regards to the stadium site.
The Tampa Bay Rays came out and announced the move to Ybor City. This, like I mentioned, is only the beginning. The move won’t happen for a while and the financials are the big concern. The money that would be paid to move the Rays from Tropicana Field will decrease in 2020 so don’t expect anything until then. Taxpayers probably won’t want to not only pay the relocation fee to move out of Tropicana Field but the fee to build a new ballpark.
Commissioner Ken Hagan who has been behind all of this made this statement in regards to the latest developments, “This is a major step,” said Hagan, who added he was given this news from the team. “I’m hopeful this will continue to build momentum on our effort to bring the Tampa Bay Rays to Ybor.”
The Rays announced the other day the promotions for the 20th anniversary so I suppose this announcement is only fitting as the Rays had no choice but to make a move. Hopefully in the next few months a plan will come out as to how the stadium should look.

Photo Credit: Doug Benc Getty Images

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