Cory Harbatkin, Founder

New York Yankees  

"Baseball has always been a big passion of mine. A die-hard Yankee fan and a true baseball fan, I love to express my own opinions on trades, signings and the theoretical aspects to the game. You can follow me on twitter @corysofly99"

Jason Gold, Co-Founder

Atlanta Braves                                                                           

"I'm Jason, an Atlanta native and life long Braves fan. I'm passionate about all aspects of baseball but especially sabermetrics and prospects. I'm an avid fantasy baseball players and unashamed Braves homer." 

Rhys White, Co-Founder

Detroit Tigers

"I have been in love with the game of baseball for as long as I can remember, I am a massive Tigers fan and my favorite player of all time is Justin Verlander. I enjoy talking about all aspect of the beautiful game of baseball; including prospects, the MLB draft, and fantasy baseball. You can follow me on twitter @RhysBWhite"

Connor Kurcon, Co-Founder

Boston Red Sox                                                                  

"My father and my grandfather (on my mom's side) got me into baseball growing up, both for different reasons. My dad was a huge Red Sox fan and I loved hearing stories of Sox greats from the 70s and 80s. My grandfather has been a historian of the game and is a published author, and his stories we're much broader but equally enjoyable. I enjoy writing about prospects of the game and statistics."                  

Austin Perodeau, Co-Founder

New York Mets                                                                 

"Die hard Mets fan stuck in Yankees and Red Sox territory. I've been playing fantasy baseball for around 8 years now and love everything about it. I'll be writing about all things baseball, typically focused on Fantasy and the Mets."   

Michael Ferro, Co-Founder

Pittsburgh Pirates                                                                   

"Baseball had always been therapeutic for me, until I became a Pirates fan. And since it'd be cliche to say that my favorite player is McCutchen, I'm going to go with Josh Bell as my favorite player right now. I love writing about trades, what-ifs, and interviewing players."                                                  

Jack Boulia, Co-Founder

Boston Red Sox                                                                                      

"I’ve commited my life to baseball, and I love to share my passion for the game. The past year I had the privilege of working for Inside Edge, and intend to work in a baseball operations capacity for a major league team."

Luke Owens, Co-Founder

New York Yankees

"I fell in love with baseball a long, long time ago. I'll never forget settling in at 7 o'clock every night with my dad, tuning into YES Network and hearing Michael Kay welcome us all in to New York Yankees baseball. But it's more than that. Baseball gives a different atmosphere than any other sport in the world. How can you not be romantic about baseball?"