We have finally arrived it is draft day, and I have been scouring far and wide finding everything I can to make educated opinions on the top draft prospects. This draft is headlined by Kansas City and Tampa Bay having the highest bonus pools so they should be able to walk away from this draft with a few of the top guys from this draft and maybe this list.  Keep an eye out as I will be live tweeting the draft from the Six Man Rotation Twitter @SixManRotation and posting quick analysis of the day one picks so make sure to follow Six Man Rotation’s twitter.


A few things to mention before you explore these rankings;

  • Mike Vasil would fit in at 17 if he didn’t tell teams to not draft him.
  • There are players such as Kumar Rocker, Mike Siani, Matt McClain, Will Banfield that signability concerns have popped up, they are ranked at their respective spot based on talent but don’t be surprised if they don’t get picked where their talent would dictate because of their strong college commitment  
  • I didn’t rank Luke Heimlich because of some outside circumstances but just based on pure talent, he could be on this list.
  • You might not see reports for players below and that is for a very good reason, I will be live tweeting scouting reports and after the fact (probably Wednesday, because I plan on catching a Minor League game Tuesday) I will go back in and insert what I tweeted out.


Without further ado here is the Six Man Rotation draft top 150 prospects!


  1. Casey Mize, RHP, Auburn
  2. Nick Madrigal, 2B, Oregon State University
  3. Matthew Liberatore, LHP, Mountain Ridge HS
  4. Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech
  5. Jonathan India, 3B, University of Florida
  6. Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State University
  7. Jarred Kelenic, OF, Waukesha West HS
  8. Carter Stewart, RHP, Eau Gallie HS
  9. Travis Swaggerty, OF, University of South Alabama
  10. Nolan Gorman, 3B, Sandra Day O’Connor HS
  11. Brady Singer, RHP, University of Florida
  12. Cole Winn, RHP, Orange Lutheran HS
  13. Ryan Weathers, LHP, Loretto HS
  14. Connor Scott, OF, Plant HS
  15. Ryan Rolison, LHP, University of Mississippi
  16. Brice Turang, SS, Santiago HS
  17. Trevor Larnach, OF, Oregon State University
  18. Logan Gilbert, RHP, Stetson University
  19. Xavier Edwards, SS, North Broward Prep
  20. Jordyn Adams, OF, Green Hope HS
  21. Mason Denaburg, RHP, Merritt Island HS
  22. Noah Naylor, C, St. Joan of Arc HS
  23. Cole Wilcox, RHP, Heritage HS
  24. Daniel Lynch, LHP, University of Virginia
  25. Jackson Kowar, RHP, University of Florida
  26. Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, Central Heights HS
  27. Nico Hoerner, SS, Stanford
  28. Nick Schnell, OF, Roncalli HS
  29. Shane McClanahan, LHP, University of South Florida
  30. Kumar Rocker, RHP, North Oconee HS
  31. Jordan Groshans, 3B, Magnolia HS
  32. Ethan Hankins, RHP, Forsyth Central HS
  33. Triston Casas, 1B, American Heritage HS
  34. Jeremy Eierman, SS, Missouri State University
  35. Jameson Hannah, OF, Dallas Baptist University
  36. Mike Siani, OF, William Penn Charter HS
  37. Matt McClain, SS, Arnold O. Beckman HS
  38. Kris Bubic, LHP, Stanford
  39. Jeremiah Jackson, SS, St. Luke’s Episcopal HS
  40. Parker Meadows, OF, Grayson HS
  41. Owen White, RHP, Carson HS
  42. Steele Walker, OF, University of Oklahoma
  43. Lenny Torres, RHP, Beacon HS
  44. Alek Thomas, OF, Mount Carmel HS
  45. Will Banfield, C, Brookwood HS
  46. Tristan Beck, RHP, Stanford
  47. Griffin Conine, OF, Duke
  48. Jake McCarthy, OF, University of Virginia
  49. Kyler Murray, OF, University of Oklahoma
  50. Adam Kloffenstein, RHP, Magnolia HS
  51. Greyson Jenista, 1B/OF, Wichita State University
  52. Anthony Siegler, C, Cartersville HS
  53. Kyle Isbel, OF, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  54. Grant Little, 2B, Texas Tech University
  55. Nick Decker, OF, Seneca HS
  56. JT Ginn, RHP, Brandon HS
  57. Sean Hjelle, RHP, University of Kentucky
  58. Nander De Sedas, SS, Montverde Academy
  59. Blaine Knight, RHP, University of Arkansas
  60. Zach Watson, OF, Louisiana State University
  61. Konnor Pilkington, LHP, Mississippi State University
  62. Osiris Johnson, SS, Encinal HS
  63. Cole Sands, RHP, Florida State University
  64. Joey Gray Jr., OF, Hattiesburg HS
  65. Jonathan Ornelas, SS, Kellis HS
  66. Tanner Dodson, RHP, University of California Berkeley
  67. Seth Beer, DH, Clemson  
  68. Zack Hess, RHP, Louisiana State University
  69. Grant Lavigne, 1B, Bedford HS(NICE)
  70. Ryder Green, OF, Karns HS
  71. Gunnar Hoglund, RHP, Dayspring Christian Academy
  72. Colton Eastman, RHP, California State University Fullerton
  73. Cadyn Grenier, SS, Oregon State University
  74. Raynel Delgado, 2B, Calvary Christian Academy
  75. Cage Canning, OF, Arizona State University
  76. Josh Breaux, C, McLennan CC
  77. Trey Riley, RHP, John A. Logan CC
  78. Aaron Hernandez, RHP, Texas A&M Corpus Christi
  79. Tyler Frank, SS, Florida Atlantic University
  80. Tim Cate, LHP, University of Connecticut
  81. Jack Wong, RHP, Grand Canyon University
  82. Tristan Pompey, OF, University of Kentucky
  83. Slade Cecconi, RHP, Trinity Prep HS
  84. Griffin Roberts, RHP, Wake Forest
  85. Richie Palacios, 2B, Towson University
  86. Durbin Feltman, RHP, Texas Christian University
  87. Jake Mangum, OF, Mississippi State University
  88. Alex McKenna, OF, Cal Poly Pomona
  89. Braxton Ashcraft, RHP, Robinson HS
  90. Steven Gingery, LHP, Texas Tech University
  91. Nick Northcut, 3B, Mason HS
  92. Lyon Richardson, RHP, Jensen Beach HS
  93. Mitchell Kilkenny, RHP, Texas A&M
  94. Lawrence Butler, OF, Westlake HS
  95. Owen Sharts, RHP, Simi Valley HS
  96. Kameron Guangorena, C, St. John Bosco HS
  97. Austin Becker, RHP, Big Walnut HS
  98. Nick Dunn, 2B, University of Maryland
  99. Brett Hansen, LHP, Foothill HS
  100. Bren Spillane , 1B/OF, University of Illinois
  101. Cal Raleigh, C, Florida State University
  102. Dominic Pipkin, RHP, Pinole Valley HS
  103. Cole Henry, RHP, Florence HS
  104. DaShawn Keirsey Jr., OF, University of Utah
  105. Luke Bartnicki, LHP, Walton HS
  106. Kody Clemens, 2B, University of Texas
  107. Justin Jarvis, RHP, Lake Norman HS
  108. Chandler Champlain, RHP, Santa Margarita Catholic HS
  109. Garrett Wade, LHP, Hartselle HS
  110. Landon Marceaux, RHP, Destrehan HS
  111. Dylan Coleman, RHP, Missouri State University
  112. Matt Mercer, RHP, University of Oregon
  113. Jaden Hill, RHP, Ashdown HS
  114. Adam Hackenberg, C, Miller School
  115. Blaze Alexander, SS, IMG Academy
  116. Brando Dieter, SS, South Hills HS
  117. Jayson Schroeder, RHP, Juanita HS
  118. Hogan Harris, LHP, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
  119. Grant Koch, C, University of Arkansas
  120. DJ Artis, OF, Liberty
  121. Adam Hill, University of South Carolina
  122. Brett Kinneman, OF, North Carolina State University
  123. Jawuan Harris, OF, Rutgers
  124. Cory Acton, 2B, American Heritage HS
  125. William English, RHP, Detroit Western International HS
  126. Luken Baker, 1B, Texas Christian University
  127. Nick Meyer, C, Cal Poly
  128. Jeremy Pena, SS, University of Maine
  129. Simeon Woods-Richardson, RHP, Kempner HS
  130. Brennen Davis, OF, Basha HS
  131. Korey Holland, OF, Langham Creek HS
  132. Charles Mack, 2B/3B, Williamsville East HS
  133. Terrin Vavra, SS, University of Minnesota
  134. Kerry Wright, RHP, Montverde Academy
  135. Mason Englert, RHP, Forney HS
  136. Aaron Ashby, RHP, Crowder College
  137. Elijah Cabell, OF, TXNL Academy
  138. Jack Neely, RHP, Churchill HS
  139. Alfonso Rivas, 1B, University of Arizona
  140. Robert Neustrom, OF, University of Iowa
  141. Austin Cox, LHP, Mercer
  142. Zack Haake, RHP, University of Kentucky
  143. Ryan Jeffers, C, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  144. Adam Wolf, LHP, University of Louisville
  145. Colby Gomes, RHP, Millard West HS
  146. Nick Sandlin, RHP, University of Southern Mississippi
  147. Frank German, RHP, University of North Florida
  148. C.J. Willis, C, Ruston HS
  149. Steven Hajar, LHP, Central Catholic HS
  150. JJ Schwartz, 1B/C, University of Florida

Photo Credit: MLB.COM

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