This has been a pretty exciting offseason so far, hasn’t it? Between the Rays firesale, the JD Martinez sweepstakes and the fun of seeing who will get traded to the Yankees, there is no shortage of buzz around the Arizona Diamondbacks. A few nice moves have been made, adding Jarrod Dyson and Steven Souza in the wake of JD Martinez deciding to forsake his home and going with the Red Sox. In the three-team deal, the D-Backs acquired Steven Souza, who had career highs in pretty much every category last season, and pitching prospect Taylor Widener. In turn, Brandon Drury was sent to the Yankees to create a pretty funny name (Judge and Drury), and left-handed pitcher Anthony Banda was shipped off to the Rays.


All in all, a pretty great trade for the Diamondbacks and Yankees. I, like most of the fan base, expect Drury to have a real breakout this season, and it seems like the Yankees will be starting him at second base. He’s a great young player who will play well and have a great attitude doing it. Well done, Yankees.


On the Diamondbacks side, adding the new right fielder will move David Peralta back to left field, which is great for him, and means a certain someone won’t be there. It’s also pretty much guaranteed that Souza will be batting somewhere behind Paul Goldschmidt, and gets me very excited for that lineup. Hitting 30 home runs last year, but having a .239 average tells me there is still room to grow for the 28-year-old, after already improving immensely from 2016. And the best part of the deal is this:

Similar production, for what turns out to be so much cheaper. Of course neither player will likely be able to sustain that, which is expected, but Souza will make $3.5 million this year, as opposed to the around $22 million JDM will take.

Giving an infielder and adding a couple nice pieces to complete the outfield makes me really happy with this trade. I’m not seeing too many problem areas with the Diamondbacks now, but of course there is always room for improvement. Souza will make a great fit both in the outfield and in the batting order, and that’s all we can really ask for. The infield is looking great with Lamb, Descalso, Marte and of course Goldschmidt, and the outfield of Pollock, Peralta and Souza instills a lot of confidence. Even with the stiff competition of the NL West, I am very confident in this 2018 Diamondbacks team.

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