Are The Dodgers Collapsing?

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The short answer is probably not.


The Dodgers lost to the Rockies today, 8-1. They have not won a game since September 1st. Since the game on August 23rd, where Rich Hill lost despite pitching 9 no hit innings, the Dodgers are 3-16, that includes losing their last 10 games. To put into perspective just how bad they have been, on August 23rd they had a .712 win percentage, which when extrapolated out is on pace for a 115 win season. They now have a .648 win percentage, which is on pace for a modest 105 win season. With all of this in mind, they still have the best record in baseball.

The Dodgers may not be playing well right now, and the Diamondbacks are playing great, but they have given themselves such a large advantage by playing so great through the first 124 games that they do not have to play well right now. They have a 9 game lead on the Diamondbacks. For the Dodgers to lose the division, they would have to play incredibly bad, including playing badly against the Phillies and the Giants, who have a combined win percentage of .382, and on top of that the Diamondbacks would have to play incredible.

The Dodgers’ magic number is 11, meaning that any combination of Dodgers wins and Diamondback losses that equal 11 will win the NL West for the Dodgers. That will undoubtedly happen. Now the only question is, will the losing streak that the Dodgers are in the midst of currently, affect them going forward. The answer to that question, only time will tell, however there are some reasons to feel concerned if you are a Dodgers fan.

Most of these losses have been against teams that the Dodgers very well may face in the first round of the playoffs. The Dodgers are 7-9 against the Rockies this year. The Dodgers are 8-11 against the Diamondbacks, including 6 straight losses.

The Dodgers have a fantastic rotation. The Dodgers have a great lineup. They aren’t playing well right now, but they should win the NL West within the next two weeks. They will most likely play the winner of the NL Wild Card game. After that, it’s the playoffs, and anything can happen in the playoffs.

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