Following the Houston Astros decision to relocate their upcoming series with the Texas Rangers to Tampa, a news report surfaced that the Rangers organization had rejected an Astros proposal to swap home series to accommodate the scheduling difficulties caused by Tropical Storm Harvey. This report has caused a huge amount of outrage across the internet towards the Texas Rangers organization.

Here's the NY Daily News with some examples

Jeff Blair of Sportsnet Canada provides commentary

John Lopez of Sports Radio 610 stirs up hate in response to a tweet from Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr.

Even fans are getting in on denouncing the Texas Rangers

What’s being missed in these expressions of misguided anger are the relief efforts made by the Texas Rangers organization in response to the natural disaster affecting large parts of South Texas, along with the omission of the full story of the Astros-Rangers discussions regarding the logistics of their upcoming series.

The Rangers did decline the Astros offer of swapping series, yes. In response the Astros also declined the reasonable proposal from the Rangers to hold all six upcoming games at Globe Life Park in Arlington while ensuring that the Astros received 100% of the gate revenue from all the games. Astros’ President of Business Operations Reid Ryan said that the organization declined this offer from the Rangers to preserve the integrity of the competitive balance of the American League playoff race.

"We didn't think that playing six games in Arlington was fair to the competitive balance of the wild-card race, not to mention that if we're not able to play our games in Houston against the Mets that we would be having another trip," Ryan told the Chronicle. "So we felt like getting out of Texas and going to a neutral site was in the best interest of our players and in the best interests for the integrity of the schedule this year."

In addition to the Rangers proposal to give the entirety of the gate receipts from the 6 games to the Astros organization, the Rangers have announced that the proceeds of their upcoming 50/50 raffle will be donated to relief efforts as well.

Situations such as these have no easy resolution and are often a lose-lose scenario for all parties involved, but the animosity being directed at the Texas Rangers at the moment is totally unwarranted. In reality, both sides made reasonable proposals that were rejected by the other side for their own reasonable reasons.

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