2018 was supposed to be the comeback and the rise of the Dark Knight, Matt Harvey. After struggles in 2016 and 2017, this was his last chance to show Mets fans they should still believe he can be a huge part of their pitching rotation especially with the hiring of former pitching coach for the Indians, Mickey Callaway. After four starts, Harvey produced a 6.00 ERA and was moved to the bullpen, which did not go well either. Harvey lost his place and could not be successful in any role the Mets gave him. His last appearance would be two innings pitched in relief against the Atlanta Braves, where he gave up 5 earned runs, raising his overall ERA to 7.00.

The Mets would eventually trade Harvey to the Cincinnati Reds for former All-Star catcher, Devin Mesoraco. After that trade, Harvey seems to be more comfortable in his new role with the Reds. A smaller market team means less attention on him and a more comfortable environment for Harvey. In three starts, Harvey has been slowly lowering his ERA. In his first start, Harvey threw four innings, allowing no runs and two strikeouts against the Dodgers in Los Angeles. In his last start he went a little more and lasted six innings and allowed only one run with five strikeouts against the Pirates. A month ago it was believed Harveys MLB career was over, now his career may finally have a resurgence.

At this time last year, Harvey no showed a game at Citi Field and it was later discovered he was out partying the day before. This had many teams explaining they would not even touch him and his once rumored 200 million dollar contract after a stellar 2015 season was all but a pipe dream. An anonymous GM explained the best contract he would get is a one year, 10 million dollar contract. This may be the case, but if Harvey were to continue to pitch well for the Reds, would it be crazy to give him a multi year deal? Maybe, but we have a whole summer to see how he will be. It’s hard to bank on someone who has had three decent starts, but this is the change Harvey needed. When the pressure is off of Harvey, he seems to be more relaxed and perform at his best. The New York Media is too much for some people and that attention can cause a negative impact. If Harvey can continue to lower his ERA, The Reds don’t have anything to lose and maybe a 2 year 20 million contract won’t sound crazy. If the Reds plan on not bringing back Harvey for next year, teams like the Twins or the Rangers would also be a great fit for Harvey. The Rangers lack in starting pitching and Harvey would be a great fit there, and the Twins need another front line starter and Harvey could be that piece.


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