What seemed like a rumor and a dream that most Rays fans didn’t want to come true finally became a reality and a tough one to handle for most Rays fans. Evan Longoria, who was the face of the franchise, has been dealt to the San Francisco Giants. It’s a homecoming for Longoria, as he was born and raised in California but a bittersweet one to say the least. It’s also a homecoming for two of the players the Rays received in return. The Tampa Bay Rays received Denard Span, Christian Arroyo and prospects Stephen Woods and Matt Krook the Rays will send cash to the Giants with Longoria.

Evan Longoria was the face of the Tampa Bay Rays franchise and lead in most offensive categories as the Rays leader. One of his most notable moments of course came in 2011 final regular season game when Longoria hit the walk-off homerun to give the Rays a Wild Card berth. Also, he’s known for his charitable efforts off the field such as every home run donated money was raised for the Pet Pal Animal Shelter and his participation of “Reading with the Rays” which rewards kids for summer reading.

The key piece the Tampa Bay Rays got was Christian Arroyo who is from a town not far from Tampa. Christian Arroyo was once the top prospect in the Giants farm system. the Giants farm system being drafted in 2013. He plays third base as well as the OF and other middle infield positions. I’m assuming he’ll be the opening day third basemen for this upcoming season. Denard Span is also from Tampa and there are rumors which say he could be dealt in a different deal. Stephen Woods and Matt Krook are both players from Single A.

From a Giants standpoint they made this move in order to be able to compete with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Plus Longoria has a history of longevity and is a Golden Glove caliber player and winning the award this year. After missing out on Giancarlo Stanton, Evan Longoria was the next best thing available for the Giants.

From a Rays viewpoint, it appears that a major overhaul is about to take place. Expect Chris Archer, Alex Colome and even more to be on the move. It gives Evan Longoria another chance to get a ring before the end of his career. It isn’t easy seeing a player who is the franchise leader in almost every offensive category and is someone who the Rays drafted and has made his way through their minor league system moving to a new ballpark, but it may be better in the long run.

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